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Werkzeug und Baumaterial für Profis und Heimwerker. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic OFFICIAL BUY & HOLD & Pump XRP . 62 652 subscribers. View in Telegram. Preview channel. If you have Telegram, you can view and join OFFICIAL BUY & HOLD & Pump XRP right away. You can view and join @pumpxrp right away. Don't have Telegram yet? Try it now! OFFICIAL BUY & HOLD & Pump XRP . 62 711 subscribers. View in Telegram. Preview channel. If you have Telegram, you can view and. Pump XRP Official right away. You can view and join @pumpxrpofficial right away. Don't have Telegram yet? Try it now! Pump XRP Official. 2 237 subscribers. View in Telegram. Preview channel. If you have Telegram, you can view and join Pump XRP Official right.

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Pump XRP Official. 2 257 subscribers. View Post. View context. If you have Telegram, you can view post and join Pump XRP Official right away. You can view and join @pumpxrpofficial right away. Don't have Telegram yet? Try it now! Pump XRP Official. 2 257 subscribers . View Post. As reported yesterday, XRP price rallied, doubling in just two days before taking a dive. The event was the result of coordinated pumping campaigns on platforms such as Reddit and Telegram, including the almost 100,000-strong t.me/pumpxrpofficial,.

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Pump XRP on Feb. 1st at 8:30am (Eastern standard time). Here's the link to the group https://t.me/pumpxrp Dont buy now, wait untill FEB 1st!!! We need to all work together We need everyone to share on social media's. Any groups like Reddit we need the links to help promote this. We need a countdown timer also so everyone buys at the same time XRP TO THE MOON!!!! 2 · 1 comment . XRP Telegram Pump Feb 1st at 8:30 Am EST. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor. and join one of thousands of communities. × 1. 2. 3. XRP Telegram Pump Feb 1st at 8:30 Am EST . submitted 28 days ago by Particular-Ranger-74. 1 comment; share; save; hide. report; XRP Telegram Pump Feb 1st at 8:30 Am EST. 37 points • 43. Welcome back!The crypto markets are pumping!! I made my last video explaining why I thought we were due for a big pump and now it's here! Pack your bags ladi.. If you have Telegram, you can view and join Ripple - XRP right away. right away

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  1. Also read : Top 5 Reasons XRP Could Hit $1 This Year. But What Happen All of Sudden, That XRP Price Rallied to the Moons. Let's List Them All. Ripple joined hands with Tranglo, a Malaysia-based payments company, by acquiring a 40% stake. This strategic move could stimulate the XRP price higher as it directly ties into the partnership
  2. e, so it doesn't matter to me or many other holders for some small pump. Of course it won't help with the SEC investigation, but it also won't hurt it either. The real pump from XRP isn't going to be from retail investors buying XRP, it's going to be from massive cross border movement
  3. XRP Price Rockets to $0.75 After 295,000 Telegram Users Pump It On the back of the WallStreetBets movement, a Telegram channel has been pumping the price of XRP—despite the SEC lawsuit
  4. XRP Pump and Dump? The news comes after XRP had one of the most volatile days in recent memory. The token managed to reclaim the third spot in terms of market capitalization after a 56% price rally from $0.48 up to $0.75. The euphoria of XRP making a massive comeback in one day was short-lived. The token dropped 48% from $0.75 down to $0.39.

Insbesondere XRP hat eine treue Anhängerschaft, die bereits in der Vergangenheit des Öfteren für extreme Kursanstiege gesorgt hat. Allem Anschein nach wurde der Kurs-Pump von heute durch Mitglieder einer Telegram Gruppe namens Buy & Hold XRP (t.me/pumpxrp) ausgelöst, die am Samstag ins Leben gerufen wurde XRP has seen a temporary pump of almost 40% after several pump groups received massive inflows. Credible Crypto's prediction that XRP could plunge to $0.40 has come true. XRP was temporarily back at the position of the third largest cryptocurrency. The Ripple affiliated token has managed to recover from the drop it took from the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) lawsuit. In a week. Join The Discord Channel! https://discord.gg/Tb7aSKC Follow The Twitter! https://twitter.com/ExtraVOD_ ( not financial advice lol ) support the channel :D -. Il pump del prezzo di XRP (Ripple), previsto per oggi alle 8,30 EST, è fallito. L'obiettivo era quello di far salire improvvisamente ed artificialmente il prezzo di XRP comprando in massa tutti alla stessa ora, ovvero le 8,30 AM Eastern Standard Time (ora di New York)

There's over 120k members now in the pump xrp on Monday ground AP B says: January 31, 2021 at 6:13 am. Yes. Because the price has been suppressed and manipulated all these years. It's time the little people win. Das G says: January 31, 2021 at 7:01 am. Kinda torn about this one. I've been a long time believer in xrp and want the price to rise. I would not mind finally seeing a decent. XRPNEWS.CO.UK XRP XLM . 4 303 subscribers. This is purely for information purposes and not financial advice. View in Telegram. Preview channel. If you have Telegram, you can view and join XRPNEWS.CO.UK XRP XLM right away. This is purely for information purposes and not financial advice Don't have Telegram yet? Try it now! XRPNEWS.CO.UK XRP XLM . 4 251 subscribers. This is purely. He also points out that if Ripple didn't create XRP, the fact that it controls such a massive amount of XRP raises suspicions. Bloomberg cited XRP: A Very Good Pump and Dump. Finally, he explains that Ripple Pumps the value of XRP to pay its customers and keep its business afloat. One of the most important strategies is to play with the perceived value and intrinsic value of the. #CTSI hit 175 https://t.me/crypto_pump_island/32148 #binance #bitcoin #BTC #ETH #XRP #LTC #BCH #cryptocurrency #Crypto #cryptotrading CT:30 Dec 20 03:37:47 am GM

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XRP Price experienced a planned pump at the beginning of this month that rallied the price close to $0.8. Within hours of pump, the price fell drastically shedding all the profits profusely below $0.35 marks. However, the price consolidated below $0.4 for a couple of days and rallied close to $0.5, but got rejected XRP rallied hard on Saturday in a move similar to a crowd pump recently observed in out-of-favor stocks such as GameStop. The cryptocurrency jumped 56% to $0.50944 to hit the highest level since. It looks like, history was a lesson again, and XRP repeated the path of recently pumped DOGE and tron (TRX). TRX got some attention in the r/wallstreetbets subreddit, with 7.7m users, responsible for the GameStop (GME) pump last month, after. XRP's price has been appreciating for the past three days and is now up by over 100% from $0.2478 to $0.5100. This increment in price followed the unprecedented stock movement especially with regard to the drama surrounding GameStop's stock and Dogecoin's surge on the charts. Amid the on-going rise, investors did not necessarily align with [ XRP has experienced some impressive price volatility lately. (Photo by S3studio/Getty Images) 2018 S3studio. XRP, the digital token used by the Ripple network, lost more than half of its value in.

Exclusive BiC Crypto Video News Show: XRP Pump and Dumps, How Will Regulators Respond? By Rick D. 2 February 2021, 17:55 GMT+0000. Updated by Nathan Kay . 3 February 2021, 14:38 GMT+0000. Share Article. Share Article. In Brief. This has been a particularly volatile week for XRP. Holders still await clarity from the SEC over Ripple's alleged unregistered security sales. How much is social media. XRP is actually in an interesting spot right now because a settlement of the lawsuit could be a bullish catalyst and lead to a pump, but for now I think there are better assets. When asked about his biggest loss in Bitcoin, Flood says he lost 44 BTC while the leading crypto asset was trading at $7,800. As for his biggest gains in a single day, the crypto whale notes he once made almost a. Trontopia: http://trontopia.ioWhere I get my shirts: http://trevonjames.ioMy Dapp Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCupNLj0a-zWotI8dXXPNOBQI posted t..

In any case, the GameStop stock wasn't the end of it. The revolution has caught on and then it was AMC stock and then the CryptoCoin Doge Coin and this weekend we started hearing about a pump of the XRP cryptocoin to happen February 1 st. And just based on THAT, boom, XRP is up 40% today. Brief aside: my 7 year old daughter heard me say. PUMP XRP FEB 1st, 2021 @8:30AM EST. t.me. 37 23. Share the link. Best Comments. Add a Comment. RussianStandards · 63d. This would be fun haha. 2 Reply. Aphala · 62d. Chance would be a fine thing, a fine thing indeed. 3 Reply. Similar Posts in r/Ripple. r/Ripple · 3h. Julia Chatterley CNN, interviewed Brad Garlinghouse. twitter. 32 5. Share the link. r/Ripple · 2h. Ripple Parnter dLocal. The Pump Is Massive and So the Dump Might Be! The XRP pump mirrored the recent Dogecoin pump which surged more than 800% in just a couple of hours. Later, the asset fell drastically from $0.08 and currently trading around $0.03. Therefore some of the crypto masses expect a similar dump awaited at the end of the rally The XRP Scheduled Pump for Feb. 1st only benefited those that are already holding XRP tokens and didn't continue its pump today towards 0.80 or 0.89 and above. From here, XRP has found bottom at what looks like the 0.36 - 0. 40 support range as well as there is a longer term trend line that is holding above now. This pump was one of many that are going to happen not only on XRP, but across the.

XRP - what should you do after such 200% pump. TradingView . EN. TradingView. Ticker Trading Ideas Educational Ideas Scripts People. Profile Profile Settings Account and Billing Referred friends Coins My Support Tickets Help Center Dark color theme Sign Out Sign in Upgrade Upgrade now 30-day Free Trial Start free trial Upgrade plan Pay nothing. PUMP XRP FEB 1st, 2021 @8:30AM EST PUMP XRP FEB 1st, 2021 @8:30AM EST https://t.me/pumpxrp. ALGO is a long term hold, very useful. XRP traded at $7081!! This is what Nexo were worried about! $10,000 is not impossible now because Bitcoin reached $20,000. When $20,000 was hit by Bitcoin this sort of gave us a subliminal message on how high a crypto can go, and so now people have this notion.

The XRP pump was orchestrated and motivated outside the WallStreetBets forum. Nevertheless, the sentiment to buy and hold was echoed in discussions regarding XRP, even though there was no fundamental basis for the strategy. In a now-removed post on r/Ripple, a user claimed, Why the pump WILL work on Monday. Why the pump WILL work on Monday: Reddit. Even with the increased investor. Bitcoin Pump Group 204459 Users (+70765 Where to buy XRP? ℹ️ Tap here: /t Price prediction for end of 2020? And for 2021? ℹ️ No idea, our crystal ball got lost! :( When moon? ℹ️ In the past, and hopefully soon again. When should I sell? ℹ️ DYOR (do your own research!) - or 'never'. When is it a good time to buy? ℹ️ DYOR - or 'last week / month / year'. I need. I do own about 18 different currencies but xrp isn't the centralized version xlm. Xrp has its own use case which ya xrp haters do hate (not saying ur one, just in general) to see if they believe in the old outdated banking system. However, i aint no troll on a specific currency. I believe in cryptos in general and xrp is one of them becuase of their ability to change the costy and.

This spread like crazy, I had family members asking me if they should buy XRP and hold on monday. Proof of group. Heres the result... 40% dump in a few hours leading up to the time the group was telling people to hold till. If you were a victim to this pump and dump, I'm sorry for your losses. This is a tough life lesson for anyone new to investing. I don't mean to rub salt in the wound but. XRP

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Novogratz also commented on the recent price surge related to XRP. Calling the recent price rise from $0.40 to $1.60 in a month as a retail frenzy. He stated it doesn't make a lot of sense to me as he described the sell-off of major cryptocurrencies such as ETH and BTC into altcoins. Novogratz defends XRP comment A handful of XRP investors can't handle its flatlining price and are petitioning Ripple to stop flooding the market with new coins XRP konnte sich aber in den Jahren 2018, 2019 sowie 2020 im zweistelligen Cent-Bereich etablieren und Ripple (XRP) blieb auch weiterhin eine der größten und wichtigsten Kryptowährungen. Der Ripple (XRP) Kurs ist weiterhin volatil und schwankt stark. Behalte den Ripple Kurs (XRP) immer im Blick . Verfolge mit BISON die Kurse der handelbaren Kryptowährungen Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH. Nach Bitcoin und Dogecoin ist offenbar die nächste Kryptowährung ins Visier der Robinhood-Trader geraten: Ripple. Der XRP-Kurs verdoppelte sich


Don't Miss The Pump XRP possibly the most controversial token in cryptocurrency is setting up for a big pump. Since it has been basically banned on all but a few platforms in the united states, i figured i could point those of you who still wanted to trade the coin in the right direction. I usually got my XRP on Coinbase, but since they must comply with SEC rules all trading has recently been. XRP price gains 86% after Wall Street Bets' crypto wing says 'pump it' January 31, 2021 February 16, 2021 Donna Burk 0 Comments ETH , Ethereum Data from Cointelegraph Markets and TradingView shows that XRP rose from $0.28 to a peak at $0.51 before profit selling pulled the price back to $0.41 This is Salma Hayek removing her pumps sensually and performing some fine footsie

XRP Pumps Beyond $1, But Could Climb To New All-Time Highs. Investors in the United States are likely livid right now with the Securities and Exchange Commission's decision to pursue legal action against XRP parent company Ripple and its executives. 5 BTC + 300 Free Spins for new players & 15 BTC + 35.000 Free Spins every month, only at mBitcasino. Play Now! The SEC deemed the token an. Die Kryptowährung Ripple (XRP) musste am 22. Dezember einen schweren Rückschlag verdauen. Die US-Börsenaufsicht (SEC) entschied sich, gegen XRP vorzugehen, da es sich laut SEC bei Ripple um ein Wertpapier handelt und nicht um eine Kryptowährung. Die Klage führte zu einem radikalen Wertverfall, und so manche Kryptobörse nahm daraufhin die Coins von ihren Plattformen. Ein bis dahin für. XRP rallied hard on Saturday in a move similar to a crowd pump recently observed in out-of-favor stocks such as GameStop. The cryptocurrency jumped 56% to $0.50944 to hit the highest level since Dec. 22, according to CoinDesk 20 data.That was the biggest single-day percentage gain since Dec. 21, 2017 XRP Pump Fails to Materialize as Price Crashes 40% From Day's High. XRP Pump Fails to Materialize as Price Crashes 40% From Day's High. TRENDING. 1. Gemini Daily Horoscope - March 15 2021. 2. Red Bull to be different animal: Hamilton. 3. 2 killed, 13 wounded at party on Chicago's South Side. 4. Husband of UK woman held in Iran for 5 years fears second conviction . 5. Tottenham players. Der XRP bereitet sich bereits auf einen 15% Ausbruch vor. White glaubt, dass die SEC einen Fehler gemacht hat, Ripple zu verklagen. So wie es aussieht erhält Ripple immer mehr Rückendeckung. Laut der ehemaligen SEC Vorsitzenden Mary Jo White liegt die SEC völlig falsch, sowohl rechtlich als auch faktisch. An der Stelle muss jedoch beachtet werden, dass White aktuell als Anwältin von.

The Dry Sump Vacuum Hose: XRP ProPLUS Xtreme Race Hose is a revolutionary new addition to the ProPLUS Race Hose product line that sets a new level of fluid transfer technology in race hose systems today. The engineering development of the ProPLUS Xtreme Race Hose has created a lightweight race hose product specifically designed to address the increasing vacuum collapse problems that are. Don't chase pumps and don't revenge trade. If you have a great trade or a terrible one, take a break, even if it's just 10 minutes. Enter a trade knowing exactly where it gets invalidated and where you'll get profit. Act accordingly, don't deviate. Don't drag your stop losses lower. Tops are for whales to sell, leave that for them, just take your profit. Don't be greedy. You can XRP (XRP) is a cryptocurrency, launched in February 2013. XRP (XRP) Price for today is $1.44, for the last 24-hours 13,948,292,157 XRP's were exchanged with a trade volume of $20,063,695,502. It's currently traded on 116 exchange(s) and has 306 active market(s), the top two exchange pairs are tether & bitcoin. The price is down b What is worse, the SEC also knows it isn't true, said XRP holders' lawyer John E. Deaton, pointing to the case against Telegram, also ruled in the same U.S. District Court. The Judge's order used the term issuer as every person who issues or proposes to issue any security. That means any exchange who lists the token and any retail holder who sells it to someone else, Mr. I don't expect XRP's pump to be as big as dogecoin's this week, though it will end up with a blowoff, said cryptocurrency trader and economist Alex Krüger, speaking via Telegram. XRP is harder.

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XRP jumped above $0.58 for the first time since 17 December 2020 after the Reddit-based XRP Pump discussions increased significantly during the last few days. XRP is now the third most valuable cryptocurrency in the world with a market cap of more than $26 billion. The digital currency caught the attention of r/SatoshiStreetBets, a crypto-focused Reddit group. The group started discussing XRP. If you guys really want to pump this join the telegram!!! https://t.me/pumpxrp. There is 10000 people in the group ready to pump feb 1st! xrpmoonerius · 77d. Let's goooooo DONT BUY IT NOW !! We need momentum to destroy the shortys . UncleSamsWeenie · 78d. There's now 30k!!! In one day, imagine what we have by Sunday. wehaventmet1 · 77d. WARNING! This. Pumping XRP isn't the same as pumping GME, nowhere close. Amasan89 · 74d. Im not supporting a P&D in any way but this has nothing to do with being a Ripple security. It's quite the opposite more that XRP is an eco system that is so much bigger than Ripple the company with things going on beyond Ripple's control. PartBobPartRick · 74d. One year old account hasn't posted or commented in 297.

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$1'180 BONUSES BELOW!!!! Bybit: https://bit.ly/MMCryptoBybit ($200 FREE) Phemex: https://bit.ly/MMCryptoPhemex _($680 FREE)_♦️ DueDEX: https://bit.ly/MMC.. @TorayKortan you better tell me when xrp is 20c or me and you won't be best friends anymore ya hear me! when im talking to you XRP is popular with banks and institutions though the XRP token isn't necessarily required for each transaction. The XRP price page is part of The CoinDesk 20 that features price history, price. Faster, less costly and more scalable than any other digital asset, XRP and the XRP Ledger are used to power innovative technology across the payments space. Ripple is focused on building technology to help unleash new utility for XRP and transform global payments. Third parties are also pursuing other XRP-related use cases. RippleNet. RippleNet customers can use XRP for sourcing liquidity in.

Mittlerweile ist XRP mehr wert, als noch vor der Klage der SEC. Anfang des Jahres startete BTC-ECHO eine Umfrage, bei der die Community befragt wurde, ob die Klage des SEC das Aus für die Kryptowährung bedeuten würde. Die Mehrheit der über 12.000 Befragten war der Ansicht, dass dies nicht der Fall sein werde und sollte bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt recht behalten. Wie sich die Kryptowährung. See related article: XRP prices see 'pump and dump' as Ripple outlines legal defense strategy. But the SEC says it had no legal duty to explain the XRP's legal status to others. Rather than acknowledge its own obligation to follow the law, Ripple instead posits that the SEC staff has an obligation to affirmatively warn industry participants about violations of other participants. The XRP/USD is currently trading at a price level of $0.285. As we can see on the 4 H chart , XRP is losing the support of the short-term bullish trend line (A) and entering a clearly negative. Will XRP Pump or Dump this Time as Ripple's Swell 2020 is Getting Close? By Qadir AK Follow on Twitter Send an email August 26, 2020. 0. Highlights . Ripple's annual conference, Swell 2020 is slated for October 2020 . Every year, the XRP community predicts the surge in XRP price during the Swell. But what possibly could happen this time.! XRP price is currently bleeding its value, hence. First, with regard to XRP, he said that XRP was in a position to revisit its all-time high of $3.84. The trader predicted the possibility of another breakout that would take the coin to its early 2018 price levels, despite the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's lawsuit against Ripple over allegedly selling XRP, which the latter considers to be an unregistered security

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It's the Last Stand for XRP Holders. According to Peter Brandt, commodities and asset trader since 1980 and a technical analysis author, the XRP/BTC chart is currently printing a desperate last stand for bulls: This chart tells me the bag holders (who need to dump > 40 Bil XRPs) are supporting XRP/BTC at .000023 to .000024 as a desperate last stand XRP Inhaber Verteilung. Hinzu kommt die negative Entwicklung bei der Anzahl der Wale, die 10.000.000 oder mehr XRP Coins halten. Diese ist in den letzten drei Wochen gesunken, obwohl der Ripple Preis gefallen ist. Oder um es anders zu formulieren: die Wale haben Gewinne mitgenommen und genau darum ist der Kurs gefallen und bisher ist das Einsammeln von Coins noch nicht billig genug, als dass.

Another reason, many people don't know - Ripple release 1 billion XRP from Escrow every month. This serves two functions, one it allows Ripple to invest in new projects. Two, it helps maintain a stable market ecosystem - less volatility. But this inflow of one billion new coins makes XRP price drop slightly. Levelling it out. Thus swallowing my $200 monthly investment - as well as everyone. A New Era of Finance. RippleNet makes it easier than it's ever been to run a high-performance payments business. With the most advanced blockchain technology for global payments, financial institutions are able to expand into new markets around the world and even eliminate pre-funding by leveraging the power of XRP through RippleNet's On-Demand Liquidity service In the past, XRP pumped when BTC was near its all-time high. My guess is XRP will pump when we get close to $20,000 BTC. Another user mentions a few fundamental factors he believes are holding XRP back. A few potential reasons: 1. Lack of regulatory clarity. 2. Devs don't want to build on the XRPL since it unfairly benefits Ripple

You don’t own me: XRP price surge defies SEC’s clamp-downSEC loses a battle to win the war? Ripple dissociates fromFES (@FesCrypto): "Stop denying you ain’t jealous about

What should you do - sell XRP or wait? We are more inclined to sell. We were never big fans of XRP tokens to begin with as it is not a REAL cryptocurrency and reeks of a get rich scheme, a masterful game played by Ripple cofounders and management. If Coinbase or another of the big exchanges delists XRP, it will probably mean its death. However, there lies the potential as well - if the. Ripple Kurs (XRP) Alle Crypto Kurse; Shop; Start News Altcoins. 5 Altcoins die laut van de Poppe gegenüber Bitcoin in eine Wachstumsphase übergehen könnten . Von. Felix Grenda-Dienstag, 16.02.2021. Krypto-Stratege und Händler Michaël van de Poppe enthüllt die Namen einer ausgewählten Gruppe von Altcoins, die seiner Meinung nach das Potenzial haben, deine Bitcoin-Bestände deutlich zu. Binance cryptocurrency exchange - We operate the worlds biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange in the world by volum

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