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  3. [VIRTUAL CONFERENCE] The leading Blockchain Expo World Series announced its first conference of 2021 on the 17-18th March 20201
  4. Die Blockchain-Konferenz CHAIN 2020 endete am 15. Januar in Hongkong und brachte 13.000 Teilnehmer zusammen, ein absoluter Rekord für die gesamte Geschichte der Branche
  5. BLOCKCHAIN 2020 - Hybrid-Konferenz - Blockchain-Reallabor im Rheinischen Revier. 9. Dezember 2020, 12:00 bis 18:00 Uhr. Teilnahme Kostenfrei

International blockchain conference for developers. Join us to master building, managing and deploying blockchain applications. | November 23 - 24, 2020 The world's leading and largest government hosted Blockchain festival, Future Blockchain Summit is back for a third edition hosted by Smart Dubai, from 7-8 April 2020 at Dubai World Trade Centre. The city of Dubai is mandated to have all government transactions on the blockchain by 2020 and will be the world's blockchain capital Die DISTRIBUTE Blockchain Konferenz findet am 11. und 12. Juni 2020 in Hamburg statt. Sichern Sie sich noch heute Ihr Ticket Publication Year: 2020,Page(s): 98 - 105. Abstract. (940 Kb) Development of large-scale and complex software systems requires multiple teams, including software development teams, domain experts, user representatives, and other project stakeholders, to work collaboratively to achieve software development goals

Die größte Blockchain-Konferenz CHAIN 2020 endete in Hongkong 15 Januar 2020 0 Vorherigen Post Zurück zur Kategorie Nächster Beitrag. Am 15. Januar endete in Hongkong die CHAIN 2020-Konferenz, die zur größten in der bisherigen Blockchaingeschichte avancierte. Die Veranstaltung umfasste fast 13.000 Teilnehmer und stellt damit einen neuen Rekord für diese Branche dar — ursprünglich. Sichert Euch mit Eurem aussagefähigen Pitch eine der 20 heißbegehrten Ausstellungsflächen auf dem Conference Ship im Wert von 2.500€. Die Gewinner bekommen einen Ausstellungsstand und 2 VIP Tickets kostenfrei. eine attraktive Darstellungsmöglichkeit auf einer eigenen Präsentationsfläch The BLOCKCHANCE mission is to educate society about contemporary economic trends, social changes and chances brought to us by Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies. The 3-day conference, with over 120 speakers and more than 50 exhibitors creates a networking, match-making and education platform for c-levels, investors, entrepreneurs, politicians, IT experts, scientists, students, media representatives and the interested public. As well as for futurists, philanthropists and philosophers Neuer Termin in 2020 IT-Sicherheit in der Blockchain - Konferenz Die Blockchain Security Days sind die Pflichtveranstaltung für alle, die sich mit der Einführung kryptografischer Verschlüsselungsmethoden beschäftigen

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Hochkarätige Blockchain Konferenz in Frankfurt - CAC 2020. Posted On März 8, 2020 Lukas Mantinger. 0. Am kommenden Montag und Dienstag, den 9. und 10. März, findet in Frankfurt am Main, im Herzen Deutschlands, die Crypto Asset Conference (CAC) 2020 statt. Damit feiert sie ihr dreijähriges Bestehen Blockchain Conference in London is the leading Blockchain World Congress 2020 fostering debate on blockchain technology, business and solutions. One of leading global blockchain events, show and blockchain summit in UK Europe. Also a virtual blockchain conference, hosted online The City is 85% complete as of December 2019 and is expected to be fully completed by December 2020 and will be the first smart city in the world to operate exclusively on blockchain. Mr. Mwale's company and technologies were key to enabling the establishment of mobile digital identity infrastructure that became a secure foundation for digital money transfer services worldwide. Mr. Mwale currently sits on the boards mainly as chairman of more than 20 companies in Technology, Retail. To Blockchain in Business Conference 2020 στόχο έχει την ανάπτυξη δημιουργικού διαλόγου για την ανάδειξη των προοπτικών και της επίδρασης των τεχνολογιών blockchain για τις επιχειρήσεις και τους μεγάλους οργανισμούς στην Ελλάδα, την ανταλλαγή ιδεών και προτάσεων και την προώθηση επιχειρηματικών ευκαιριών και δράσεων ψηφιακού μετασχηματισμού στην ελληνική κοινωνία και οικονομία που βασίζονται στις αποκεντρωμένες τεχνολογίες DLT Afrikas Blockchain- und AI-Konferenz wird Hunderte von Teilnehmern aus der ganzen Welt zusammenbringen, um die Konvergenz der Blockchain-Technologie zu diskutieren

Blockchain Konferenzen & Messen 2021/2022. Business. Digitalisierung E-Commerce Handel HR Management Medien New Work Startup Unternehmertum. Technologie. Blockchain Machine Learning Mobile & Apps Softwareentwicklung User Experience (UX) Webentwicklung IT-Security. Marketing . Affiliate Marketing Content Marketing Online Marketing SEA SEO Social Media Marketing. Städte. Berlin Düsseldorf. Futurist Conference 2020 is the largest blockchain and emerging industries conference in Canada. Free registration for Canada's largest blockchain conference. August 11-12, 202 The 4th edition of the Crypto Valley Conference is coming up with two days of in-depth discussions on the current state and future of blockchain technology. 50+ presentations from global industry leaders. Covering topics on technology, economy & finance and legal & regulation. Top selection of research papers being presented in the academy track The Black Blockchain Summit 2020, an yearly conference organized by Kenyan-based Bithub Africa, is set to happen virtually with some of the biggest minds in the crypto and blockchain space speaking This book constitutes the proceedings of the Third International Conference on Blockchain, ICBC 2020, held as part of SCF 2020, during September 18-20, 2020. The conference was planned to take place in Honolulu, HI, USA and was changed to a virtual format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 14 full paper and 1 short paper presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 26 submissions. They.

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Eventbrite - Frankfurt School Blockchain Center präsentiert Crypto Assets Conference 2020 (CAC20) - Montag, 9. März 2020 | Dienstag, 10. März 2020, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Frankfurt am Main, HE.. Informieren Sie sich über das Event und darüber, wie Sie an Tickets gelangen Die Konferenz wird vom Westphal College of Media Arts and Design an der Drexel University am Wochenende vom 2. bis 3. Mai 2020 veranstaltet. Mai 2020 veranstaltet. In den Konferenzvorträgen gewähren WissenschafterInnen, ExpertInnen und SpezialistInnen aus dem akademischen sowie industriellen Umfeld Einblicke in die Welt der Blockchain-Technologie The Stanford Blockchain Conference 2020 Arrillaga Alumni Center, Stanford University Feb. 19-21, 2020 This conference explores methods of security engineering and risk management in blockchain systems. We are interested in the application of cryptography, decentralized protocols, formal methods, and empirical analysis to improving security or mitigating risk in blockchain deployments. We aim.

Consensus 2020 is going to take place from 11th to 13th May 2020. It is a three-day event that is popular among the blockchain and cryptocurrency community. The event aims to become Big Tent for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. The focus will be on the commerce and legal finance for both the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry Blockchain Economy 2020 conference supports dual citizenship, global citizenship and hosts worldwide citizenship offering governments, companies and entities for the first time in Istanbul. BE2020 will create an opportunity to explore more about countries offering citizenship with less borders for crypto community. Decentralization has been considered a tool of democracy promotion because of. Das Blockchain Reallabor NRW lädt zur Blockchain 2020-Konferenz. (Bild: Gerd Altmann / Pixabay ) Auf dem Programm der kostenlosen Veranstaltung stehen zum Beispiel Vorträge von Spezialisten, die konkrete Blockchain-Anwendungsfälle und deren Potenziale vorstellen. Sie decken unter anderem die Bereiche Produktion, Energie, Supply Chain, Finanzen und Daseinsvorsorge ab. Start-ups. Crypto Assets Conference 2020 Die Konferenz zum Thema 'Blockchain & Finance' DGAP-Media / 04.03.2020 / 10:36 Am 09./10. März 2020 veranstaltet das Frankfurt School Blockchain Center gemeinsam mit. Blockchain Summit London. 2020 Conference Date. October 20th, 2020 This Event is Now Over United Kingdom More Info & Event Link. Conference Summary. The Blockchain Summit in London, UK, focuses on actionable and practical applications of the technology. The organizers of this event have put together a huge event that includes 200 Blockchain speakers. You can consider this conference as being a.

Neuer Termin in 2020 IT-Sicherheit in der Blockchain - Konferenz. Die Blockchain Security Days sind die Pflichtveranstaltung für alle, die sich mit der Einführung kryptografischer Verschlüsselungsmethoden beschäftigen. Die Blockchain-Technologie breitet sich mit beachtlicher Geschwindigkeit branchen- und anwendungsübergreifend aus, weil sie Sicherheit in der Transaktion von Daten. DLG Food Industry - Online-Konferenz 2020; Fokus 1: Blockchain 30. November 2020; Blockchain 30. November 2020. Fokus 1: Blockchain am 30. November 2020 Lückenlos und schnell: Innovative Lösungen für die Lebensmittelsicherheit. 15:30 Uhr. Opening . Moderation: Prof. Dr. med. vet. Katharina Riehn, Vorsitzende DLG-Fachzentrum Lebensmittel. Videobotschaft: Julia Klöckner, Bundesministerin.

C3 Crypto Conference is returning June 2020! Last year's conference brought some of the biggest innovators and names in crypto for Berlin's first large-scale crypto conference. We are excited for this upcoming edition of the C³ Crypto Conference 2020 The most complete list of every blockchain and cryptocurrency conference around the world, with ratings! Our custom Bitcoin Market Journal Score is calculated by the number of attendees, ticket price, and quality of speakers. Use it as a guide for which conferences to attend in 2021. Want to list your blockchain event? It's free: submit your blockchain event here. Date Event Name Event Price.

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International Conference on Cloud Computing, Security and Blockchain (CLSB 2020) will act as a major forum for the presentation of innovative ideas, approaches, developments, and research projects in the areas of Cloud computing, Security and Blockchain. It will also serve to facilitate the exchange of information between researchers and industry professionals to discuss the latest issues and. Conference. Agenda. 09.40 - 9.50: Pre-event virtual networking + Live expo : 09.50 - 09.55: Καλωσόρισμα -Εισαγωγή Γιώργος Καραμανώλης, Co-Founder & CTO/CIO at Crowdpolicy & FintelioX Chairman of Hellenic Blockchain HubΣυντονισμός Κώστας Καλογεράκης, Vice-Chairman, Hellenic Blockchain Hub & Chief Innovation Officer. 2020 Conference HLSBFI is excited to host the Second Annual Blockchain, FinTech & Law Conference. Last year, our first conference brought over a hundred participants from across the country. This year, our public conference will host leading academics, industry professionals, regulators, and lawyers from around the world. Our conference is one of a few uniquely suited to discuss blockchain and. 2020 Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference Calendar January 16, 2020 :: Miami, Florida USA February 20, 2020 :: New York, NY February 28 - 29, 2020 :: Sandy, UT March 2-6, 2020 :: Hong Kong, Hong Kong March 7-8, 2020 :: Cambridge, MA March 10, 2020 :: Magazine, London SE10 0JH March 13, 2020 ::. 05.06.2021 10:00 - 05.06.2021 23:00 Crypto Rockstars Cruise 2020 - DLT & Blockchain Konferenz. Köln - MS RheinEnergie, Am Leystape

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CAC: Was wir von dem Blockchain-Klassentreffen für 2020 lernen können ; von Sven Wagenknecht. Am 11. März 2020 | 09:20 12. März 2020 · Lesezeit: 6 Minuten. Teilen. BTC 59,650.00 $-3.72%. BTC 59,650.00 $-3.72%. Bitcoin kaufen. Ratgeber: Einfach und sicher Bitcoin kaufen! Teilen. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Xing. Pocket. Email. Praktisch alle Blockchain-Konferenzen wurden in den letzten. Blockchain is far more than a platform for a currency, it is a platform for decentralizing the web of applications in a profoundly secure way. The Blockchain developer conference is the largest convergence of Blockchain developers seeking exposure to the newest technologies for building decentralized apps in FinTech, Healthcare, Government, Enterprise, and the Consumer space

BlockConf DIGITAL is going live online for 48-hours non-stop with some 200+ speakers, 100+ investors, industry experts and researchers who will attend the event to exchange ideas and share their thoughts on the industry trends and future. The event kicks off May 14th at 9:00 GMT+8 and welcomes all the attendees for 48 hours continuously. We are very excited to see the transformation and how. Bitbond provides bank grade blockchain technological solutions to financial institutions dramatically improving the issuance, settlement and custody of securities. The offered solutions modules consist of digital asset custody, asset tokenization and on-chain payments. Bitbond was founded in 2013, initially leveraging blockchain technology to its marketplace lending platform for small businesses Die Blockchain hat nicht an Aktualität eingebüsst. 19. September 2020 Finanz und Wirtschaft Ausgabe Nr. 74, Seite 14. Am FuW Forum zur Distributed-Ledger-Technologie wurden Anwendungen aus diversen Branchen präsentiert ICBCT'20: 2020 The 2nd International Conference on Blockchain Technology Hilo HI USA March, 2020 . ISBN: 978-1-4503-7767-6. In-Cooperation: Shanghai Jiao Tong.

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39 Interessierte. Bewertet mit 4.0 von 1 Person. Überprüfen Sie, wer an attending Ausstellen Sprechen Zeitplan & Agenda Bewertungen Timing Eintrittskartengebühren teilnimmt. Die Ausgabe 2020 der Blockchain- und Bitcoin-Konferenz findet ab dem 18. Mai im Hyatt Regency Toronto, Toronto, statt. Es ist eine viertägige Veranstaltung, die von LOCAL BITCOIN organisiert wird und am 21 2021 4th International Conference on Blockchain Technology and Applications(ICBTA 2021) will be held in Xi'an again during December 17-19, 2021. It is an annual conference organized with the objective of bringing together researchers, developers, and practitioners from academia and industry working in the area of Blockchain Technology and Applications. Conference consists of keynote lectures. Supply Chain on Blockchain Conference 2020. Date(s): July 13, 2020 - July 13, 2020 Location: Brisbane, Australia (view on map) Register Now. Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window) About the Event. Supply Chain on Blockchain.

Custody, security entitlements, wallets, hashes, data protection, code testings, endpoint vulnerabilities & attacks The Center for the Study of Blockchain and Financial Technology (The FinTech Center) at Morgan State University wants you to join us for the (Virtual) HBCU Blockchain Research and Innovation Conference 2020 on Friday, November 13th, 2020 from 9:30am to 2:00pm and Saturday, November 14th, 2020 from 10am-2pm.. The Virtual HBCU Blockchain Research and Innovation Conference, November 13-14, 2020. Vom 9. bis zum 10. März veranstaltete die Frankfurt School of Finance & Management die Crypto Assets Conference 2020 - das Branchentreffen für Expertinnen und Experten aus der Blockchain-Welt in Deutschland. 500 Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer diskutierten Vorträge und Paneldiskussionen von Referentinnen und Referenten von Start-ups, Unternehmen und staatlichen Institutionen an

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The IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in 2020 (ICBC 2020) will be held in the cosmopolitan metropolis and blockchain international hub of Toronto, Canada in May 4-7, 2020. ICBC 2020 is the second installment of IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) sponsored conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. It will feature keynotes, tutorials, peer reviewed technical. KONFERENZ 22. OKTOBER 2020 BLOCKCHAIN IN FINANCIAL SERVICES 2020 14.50 Uhr SPOTLIGHT: FINANZANWENDUNGEN DER ZUKUNFT Freizügigkeitsleistungen auf der Blockchain - Erfahrungen und Ausblick Ralf Fahney Basler Versicherung AG Erfüllung des Fintech-Versprechens Christoph Iwaniez Bitwala We.trade - Handelsgeschäfte einfach absichern und finanzieren Markus Meyer UBS Switzerland AG Der. Victor is the Co-Founder and CEO at FlexFinTx. His topic was Rebuilding Identity for Africa Through Algorand.On the 11 and 12 March 2020, Bitcoin Events host.. Blockchain Africa Conference 2021; Crypto Fest 2020; DeFi Conference 2020; Blockchain Africa Conference 2020. Speakers; Photos; Videos; Sponsors; Crypto Fest 2019; Blockchain Africa Conference 2019; Blockchain Africa Conference 2019; Blockchain Africa Conference 2018; Blockchain Africa Conference 2017; Bitcoin and Blockchain Africa Conference 201

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The World Blockchain Conference (Wuhan) has concluded with great success on December 6. The two-day blockchain annual event has drawn more than 2,000 person-time and 50,000 views via live stream. Among them, the 29 leading enterprise representatives and six local government organizations, as well as over 120 students from local colleges, making it one of the largest and most influential. Covering top-level content about current trends in DLT, blockchain and crypto assets through speeches, discussions or pitches, a diverse range of industry experts and thought-leaders will unite at the leading European crypto conference. Join 100 guests on each of the 3 days or 1500+ online to collaborate and interact with peers and experts and to get up to date on the following topics MineBest was an official sponsor and exhibitor at Blockchain Africa Conference 2020 - BEYOND THE HYPE in Johannesburg, South Africa on March 11-12, hosted by.. Sei dabei! Sicher Dir jetzt deinen Platz: Crypto Rockstars Cruise 2020 - DLT & Blockchain Konferenz, am 06/05/2021 in HGK-Landebrücke, Köln. Organisation: KryptoNauten U GENEVA BLOCKCHAIN CONGRESS - January 28th, 2021 in Palexpo - Geneva - From Lab to Market through Ethics, Regulation and Governanc

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Our 2020 show has been canceled due to Covid-19. We look forward to seeing what 2021 will bring our industry. The only blockchain conference to bring a no-pitch event connecting the blockchain ecosystem including three tracks of content designed to maximize networking opportunities and give participants real ROI through valuable connections and curated information. THREE EVENTS IN ONE. Each. Blockchain Nigeria User Group is happy to announce that all is set for the successful hosting of #BlockDeFi-2020, a fully Virtual live Conference on the 12th & 13th of September 2020. The conference is designed to bring attendees the best industry experts and thought leaders, insightful discussions with unique networking opportunities in a virtual world. Recall that #LagosBlock-DeFi:2020. The fourth edition of Smart Dubai's Future Blockchain Summit will return to Dubai World Trade Centre from the 17-20 October 2021. Welcoming over 10,000+ International Visitors, 120+ Superstar Speakers, 250+ Hours of Immersive Content and 100+ Global Exhibitors Update. 04/14/2020: Media Arts and Design | Blockchain Conference 2020 (May 2-3, 2020 @ Drexel University - 100 % online): Drexel University's Department of Digital Media, supported by the Education Arcade @ MIT, the LIVE LAB @ Texas A&M, the Department for Arts and Cultural Sciences @ Donau-Universität Krems and the Conceptualising Blockchain group @ University of Vaasa is organising a. On October 1 st and 2 nd, the Blockchain Center of Excellence held the 2020 Blockchain for Business Conference: Creating the Internet of Value.This was our third annual Conference, but the first time ever our event was 100% virtual and free to the public. We welcomed over 515 attendees, composed of students, executives, industry practitioners and academics during our 2-day conference


Conference on 15 September 2020 in Frankfurt am Main Neue Leitlinien zur Kreditvergabe - Der Kreditvergabeprozess im Fokus von Regulatorik und Digitalisierung Online-Event am 3. September 2020 von 11.30-12.30 Uhr 14. ProcessLab-Konferenz - Prozessgestaltung der Zukunft: effizient, digital, kundenzentriert Konferenz am 25. Juni 2020 in Frankfurt am Main Auswirkungen von COVID19 auf die. The blockchain is creating a new technological innovation and industrial change on a global scale. We indeed need creative thinking, long-term visions, and innovative methodologies to respond to such a change. The 2020 International Conference on Blockchain (ICBC 2020) is organized to promote research and application innovations around the world IEEE Blockchain-2020 will be held in November 2020, Rhodes Island, Greece. The goal of this conference is to promote community-wide discussion identifying the advanced applications, technologies and theories for blockchain. We seek submissions of papers that invent novel techniques, investigate new applications, introduce advanced methodologies, propose promising research directions and discuss approaches for unsolved issues Crypto Assets Conference 2020: Die Konferenz zum Thema Blockchain & Finance Publiziert am Februar 25, 2020 von Ralf Keuper Die Blockchain-Technologie wurde durch die Erfindung von Bitcoin geboren und hat seither hunderte von digitalen Assets geschaffen und die Entwicklung von Geschäftsmodellen auf der Grundlage dezentraler Netzwerke vorangetrieben These are the main tracks: Blockchain Technology 101. Blockchain Advanced Development. Blockchain Impact & Strategy. PLEASE SEE THE BASIC FACTS: Main Conference: November 23rd - 24th, 2020. Workshop Day: November 23rd. Location & Venue: Holiday Inn Munich - Unterhaching. Submit your papers via: callforpapers.sandsmedia.com


Die dritte Iteration der CAC am 9. und 10. März 2020 wird vier Podiumsdiskussionen, acht Keynote Reden, über 50 Redner, mehr als 15 Startup-Pitches und mehr als 10 Firmenstände umfassen. Zu den renommierten Rednern werden Dirk Bullmann, der Leiter des Innovationsteams der EZB, Christoph Kreiterling, Mitglied des Blockchain Units der BaFin (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) und Joachim Schwerin, der Chefökonom der Europäischen Kommission gehören KONFERENZ 22. OKTOBER 2020 BLOCKCHAIN IN FINANCIAL SERVICES 2020 14.50 Uhr SPOTLIGHT: FINANZANWENDUNGEN DER ZUKUNFT Freizügigkeitsleistungen auf der Blockchain - Erfahrungen und Ausblick Ralf Fahney Basler Versicherung AG Erfüllung des Fintech-Versprechens Christoph Iwaniez Bitwala We.trade - Handelsgeschäfte einfach absicher Fokus 2: Blockchain am 1. Dezember 2020 Von der Basistechnologie zum neuen Standard Gerade für Flüchtlinge und Vertriebene kann eine Identität die Welt bedeuten. Und dort kommt die Blockchain-Technologie ins Spiel, die auf dem ID2020-Summit eine große Rolle gespielt hat. Darüber haben dort Technologie-Innovatoren, politische Entscheidungsträger, Entwicklungsfachleute und Humanisten diskutiert ABOUT BLOCKDeFi CONFERENCE/ EXHIBITION 2020 Blockchain Nigeria User Group is happy to announce that all is set for the successful hosting of #BlockDeFi-2020, a fully Virtual live Conference on the 12th & 13th of September 2020

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The stakes will be raised, the scrutiny will be greater and the world will be watching. There has never been a more important time to thoughtfully evaluate Bitcoin and what it means to the world. So let's grow it the right way, and let's grow it together. location: SVN West, San Francisco. date: March 27-28, 2020 Die Corona-Pandemie stellte 2020 jeden Einzelnen, sowohl Gesellschaft als Unternehmen, vor eine Vielzahl noch nie dagewesener Herausforderungen. Dies erforderte nicht nur ein schnelles Umdenken und Umdisponieren, sondern vor allem ein hohes Maß an Flexibilität. Zahlreiche Unternehmen wurden vor die Notwendigkeit gestellt, plötzlich auf das Arbeiten aus dem Home-Office wechseln zu müssen und ihre Geschäftsmodelle auf digitale Dienstleistungen und Arbeitsmethoden zu erweitern oder gar. Blockchain Revolution Global, October 26 - 30, 2020 is the world's premier enterprise blockchain conference, designed to help business leaders accelerate.. DGAP-Media / 04.03.2020 / 10:36 Am 09./10. März 2020 veranstaltet das Frankfurt School Blockchain Center gemeinsam mit financial.com auf dem Campus der Frankfurt School of Finance &.. Li Li, general manager of Tencent Cloud blockchain, said in his keynote speech, The year 2020 is the 10th year of Tencent developing the industrial internet. Based on the self-developed blockchain service platform TBaaS, Tencent Cloud has developed relatively perfect products and application solutions in seven major fields such as supply chain finance, trusted deposit certificate and electronic billing

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